Hackers use Twitter Card vulnerability and attack users

Hackers use Twitter Card vulnerability and attack users

Twitter was found with a new vulnerability, which could allow hackers to attack its users ...
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Firefox 70 brings Lockwise password manager. Get ready for a lot of hacks!

Mozilla brings Lockwise password manager to Firefox 70, which is expected to be released on October 22. Firefox ...
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Google buys random human data for just $ 5

Google is one of the world's largest technology companies and is constantly working on new, innovative projects. It employs a ...
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How dangerous and frequent is an attack on RDP-enabled computers?

How long does it take for an attack on RDP-enabled computers? In some cases, a few minutes. In most, less than 24 hours. The...
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Watchbog: Attacks on servers to "keep the internet safe"

Hackers are exploiting vulnerable Jira and Exim servers to infect them with a new variant of Watchbog Linux ...
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Domain Names with incompatible DNS servers may not be available


From DNS Day Flag Day 2019 onwards, the software DNS and service providers, are going to stop supporting specific adjustments for incompatible DNS implementations from their software or services. These changes come to DNS systems that are not fully compliant with EDNS standards.

In accordance with website DNS Flag Day, "The current DNS is unnecessarily slow and ineffective due to efforts to accommodate some DNS systems that do not comply with standards created two decades ago."

DNS Flag Day is set for 1 in February 2019. To restore non-compliant systems, DNS service providers terminate some adjustments. Some top companies have agreed to support this initiative. These companies include Facebook, Google, Cisco, Cloudflare, Internet Consortium Systems (ISC), NLnet, CZ.NIC, Quad9, PowerDNS and CleanBrowsing laboratories.

Domain names that work from incompatible DNS servers will be affected by this change. The goal of DNS server compliance is to increase the efficiency of DNS operations and enable operators to develop new features, such as new DDoS attack protection mechanisms.

According to ISC, "Domains served by non-compliant DNS servers will not work reliably when they come in contact with resolvers that have been updated in the new version and may not be available through these up-to-date resolvers.

"If your company's DNS bands are served by non-compliant servers, your presence will degrade or disappear as ISPs and other organizations update their resolvers. When you update your own internal DNS resolvers to incompatible versions, some sites and email servers may not be accessible. "

Site owners can control their domains here, to find out if they are ready for the planned change. The test results will show whether users should follow further steps or not. If the domain name is ready for the changes, a green "All Ok!" Will appear. Otherwise, users will be advised about any further steps that need to be taken.

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