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Nvidia: Unusually low profits for 2019!

Nvidia has done something unusual since he gave a renewed financial estimate for the last quarter of 2019. The company warned that 2019 is coming out of unusually low profits! The reason behind this estimate is that low profits were already predicted from the previous year, and at the same time the company's hardware producer was almost certain that the low estimate was "very high" from the outset.


The initial estimate of quarterly earnings was 2.7 billion dollars but actually fell to 2.2 billions of dollars. This is a change of 19%. According to Nvidia, the biggest customer issue was lower than the revamped RTX series sales of new cards. This particular RTX series is full of proprietary technologies, such as the raytracing processor, and started in September of 2018 with RTX 2080 Ti on 1.119 dollars and RTX 2080 on 799 dollars.

According to Nvidia, these are these products have made a revolutionary leap in performance and innovation with the help of raytracing and artificial intelligence, but some customers may have "delayed" the market as they expect lower prices and additional instructions for RTX technology in real games.

Nvidia founder Jensen Huang pointed out that economic uncertainties and agreements that did not close last month were the factors that led to declining estimates in a sector that is unpredictable from the outset. These reasons will result in the company's unusually low revenues, according to at least its statements. In particular, the founder stressed that these estimates refer to the last quarter of 2019. However, some of the new releases are expected to increase profits. The new profitable products will be the RTX 2060 graphics card, the new RTX-powered laptops and the new products for its data center that will satisfy more and more customers who want artificial intelligence.


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