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Dell XPS 13 (9380) Developer Edition is now available with Ubuntu Linux

DellIf you are a Linux desktop user, it's time to enjoy it. Why; Because Dell has renewed XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop. Don't be alarmed by the "Developer" name - it's a great computer not only for devs, but also for home users, professionals and students. The name "Developer Edition" simply states that Ubuntu Linux is pre-loaded.

In this new version of the notebook, called "9380", Dell continues to focus on beauty and elegance, but has also added some improved specifications. Especially Webcam users will be happy to learn that the new XPS 13 now has the camera at the top of the screen and not at the bottom!

“9380 represents the eighth generation of Dell's Ubuntu-based XPS 13 developer series. The first generation of releases began six years ago, and together with the Precision mobile workstations released by 2015, they build Project Sputnik.

“Although there are many great features and specifications that characterize the latest developer edition, what will bring the most joy is the new camera position. In the 9370 model the camera was positioned at the bottom of the screen. In the new 9380 the camera has been moved to the top, giving a much more flattering look to the user while maintaining the sleek, compact design of the system. In addition, the new version supports automatic suspension, which allows the system to recover much faster than the idle state, "says Project Sputnik and Barton George Linux to Dell.

The new Dell has the following features and specifications. Buyers can choose a different configuration with options for processors, RAM, storage and resolution.

  • Intel 8 generation i3, i5 and i7 (Intel Whiskey Lake U, 15W, non-vPro)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS preloaded
  • InfinityEdge display with camera mount at the top
  • Greater ease of opening
  • Support for FHD and UHD analysis
  • Up to 16GB memory LPDDR3 at 2133MHz
  • 1 x NVMe slot for 2230-128GB / 2280 to 2TB
  • Thunderbolt 3 (x2) with USB3.1 Gen2 + type-C x1 at USB3.1 Gen2 speed
  • Improved Thunderbolt runtime power management
  • Killer 1435 802.11ac [2 × 2] + Bluetooth 4.2

Fortunately, the release of Dell XPS 13 (9380) Developer Edition is not just a US affair. It is also available online for those in Canada and Europe. For Europe, Dell has announced the following list of countries. For some reason, in the UK they can not even buy it from the online store, except through chat.

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Belgium (Dutch and French)

Switzerland (German and French)










United Kingdom

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