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Finally, TIC-TOC technology will bring tactile internet!

Finally, the revolutionary TIC-TOC technology will bring Tactile Internet a step closer to reality!


Some researchers in South Korea have developed technologies that are extremely fast in processing and can help the user meet the next generation of the Internet more quickly.

The impressive novelty is that researchers at South Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute have developed technology that is capable of sending digital information packets to 25GB / s (gigabits per second), ten times faster than the current speeds . The specific technology is called TIC-TOC and is an important tool of the future tactile internet, in which information is sent and received at speeds equivalent to human perception.

To better understand the difference, this kind of technology works at a fairly fast speed that is enough to download a 3GB movie in just one second! Additionally, the TIC-TOC system enables more urgent data to pass over other information packets and migrate to a millisecond.

As for the name, TIC-TOC corresponds to "Time Controlled Tactile Optical Access" and is designed to work on 5G networks. Researchers expect that TIC-TOC technology will help speed up virtual reality and augmented reality in many areas, from education, health care, to public safety. For example, it might be possible to develop and operate a robot that will perform an operation in an operating room and be remotely controlled by a doctor as the response will be instantaneous.

According to project manager HwaanSeok Chung, tactile internet is expected to be the fourth industrial revolution, as we will see robots, cars and other machines connected to the internet and around us.

The TIC-TOC technology contains chips control over Internet access and optical transceivers to speed up data processing time. Its optical transceiver converts the high speed of electrical data into optical signals for optical fiber transmission. Of course there are still some obstacles before the release date is announced, such as the implementation of the system. The project team is still looking for solutions to such barriers and expects to activate tactile internet from TIC-TOC technology in the coming year.


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