Hacking campaign targets organizations through DNS hijacking attacks

Hacking campaign targets organizations through DNS hijacking attacks

Recently, a new hacking campaign, called "Sea Turtle", was launched, targeting public and private players. The characteristic...
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Is the privacy of the iPhone real?

A unique ID is enabled by default on every iPhone that is available on the market, allowing advertisers to watch ...
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WiFi Finder: Leak over 2 million Wi-Fi network passwords

WiFi Finder, an Android app installed by more than 100.000 users on Google Play, has leaked over ...
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Cryptocurrency: Types of crime and ways of protection

When we talk about cryptocurrency always comes to our minds and crime, especially electronic crime. Cryptos are vulnerable ...
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5 key steps for greater security of a data center

Data Center: We all know so far that Cloud technology has changed our lives. The cloud is here for ...
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This device turns any TV into a giant display

If I had a sack of money to spare, I would definitely buy the new Microsoft Surface Hub 2 that will be released later this year. I mean, seriously, let's take a look at the features of this awesome device:

But unfortunately ... the original Surface Hub it costs more than $ 10.000 and I imagine the second-generation model will not cost much less. So apparently I'm never going to get a Surface Hub 2. Fortunately, I have something that is almost so cool and cost me much less. The touch-based Touchjet WAVE touchscreen TV that fits any TV up to 65 inches and automatically converts it into a touchscreen Android. It is very cool and you definitely have to see it.


Touchjet WAVE Android Tablet Virtual Touchscreen TV System Projector: $ 299.99

Here's more information on the product page:

  • Refer to the user manual for installation instructions. If there are problems, please contact Touchjet Customer Service at 415-579-3399 for assistance.
  • Virtual Touchscreen - Touchjet WAVE adds a virtual touch screen to flat-screen TVs and screens up to 65 (no smart TV required).
  • Simple Connection - Just connect WAVE to the top of your TV and connect WAVE to your TV via HDMI.
  • Giant Tablet - WAVE is preinstalled with Android OS, Wi-Fi and comes with pre-installed applications so you can start enjoying the experience without much effort.
  • Work View / Class Time - View your presentations directly on the big screen.
  • Streaming - View your favorite shows and movies on Netflix or your favorite steam app without having to connect to other devices.
  • Support - Download the Touchjet application on your smart device (iOS and Android) for step-by-step instructions.
  • Connect, collaborate and share - With WAVE, you'll have presentation and training applications and will connect individual tablets to the big touch screen. An affordable alternative to IWB and giant tablets.
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