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Review of Lenovo Smart Clock

Over the past year, Lenovo has quietly made a name for itself as the maker of Google Assistant speakers that also feature screens. At CES 2018, it introduced the Lenovo Smart Display, a Google Assistant speaker with an 8 or 10 inch screen that aims to compete with the Amazon Echo Show. The devices were attractive and meticulous in design and execution, and won the Digital Trends 'Editors' Choice Award.


Lenovo continues the trend in CES 2019 with Lenovo's Smart Clock with Google Assistant, an alarm designed to compete with Amazon Echo Spot and, to a certain extent, Google Hub.

Designed to be placed either in the bedroom or in the office, the Smart Clock that will cost $ 79 will be available in the spring of 2019 is a small, cameraless, cute addition to each bedroom. We took a moment with the device and was impressed.

First, let's talk about how attractive it is. Placed in a gray nylon fabric cloth bag, the device taper backwards as you will see in the photos, reducing its volume despite the four-inch screen. Unlike Echo Spot, which has a round screen, the smart clock has a rectangular screen. There is a USB port on the back to connect your phone (something we have not seen yet on a smart screen) and a microphone on / off button.

When Echo Spot was released, some worried about the fact that the watch had a camera. Lenovo has decided not to place a camera on the Smart Clock, so you do not have to worry about seeing someone while you are in your bedroom (although this also means the device does not support two-way video calls).

There is little screen customization with only three available watch profiles, although Google executives say more personalization will be on the road (for example, you can choose more than three profiles or even customize your screen with a photo ).

We really appreciate some of the attentive Lenovo and Google features included in the device. Beyond Bluetooth connectivity, you will find that the device has a pleasant wake-up function, which means that 30 minutes before the alarm sound goes off, the clock's appearance becomes slower and if you have smart lights connected to your device, it also illuminates .

When the alarm goes off, tap anywhere on the device once to snooze and double-tap to turn it off altogether and start your day. For example, a routine may include turning on the lights and then receiving reminders, a schedule for the day, a time to go in the morning, and anything else you set - all by voice. During the initial tests, we found that this feature worked very well.


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