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Contemporary tablet, gaming monitors and console keyboards were presented at CES

GamingThe Consumer Electronics Show at 2019 has a series of gaming hardware ranging from gaming monitors to the most sensitive mouse we've ever seen.

Omen Emperium 65's HP it will cost a whopping € 4.310 when it is released in the UK in March and will be the first official BFGD screen you can buy.

This screen does not require a computer to play games - there is a built-in Nvidia Shield, which allows you to play games through the company's GeForceNow service as well as Valve's SteamLink.

And you won't need speakers either - it has a built-in audio bar designed to provide all the bass you need without the need for a separate subsystem. It also provides 4K HDR gaming experience.

Razer, a leading provider of games components for years, has finally dealt with the purchase of monitors so that you can complete the hardware of your computer.

The Chroma-enabled Razer Raptor is a 27-inch 2560 × 1440 display and can offer HDR images, though not exactly 4K.

The downside is that the $ 700 (£ 550) display has only been confirmed for the US so far - but if it proves successful there, it will definitely be released in other countries.

If you want to finish the set, the company released its first PC chassis, Tomahawk and Tomahawk Elite.

Razer also officially unveiled the Turret console keyboard update.

This will provide you with a convenient way to connect a keyboard directly to Xbox One you.

Keyboards feature a sliding magnetic mouse. This unit is the first officially compatible set-up for Xbox One.

Asus has also unveiled a number of great goodies for gaming.

The best is the ROG Mothership - an 17 inch tablet with detachable keyboard cover.

You'll also find the latest Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics hardware inside this 4,7 killer beast, so you really need to be able to use it to play any game you want with the quality you want.

The only thing we do not know yet is its price.

Asus has also unveiled some new glamorous keyboards coming out this month - the ROG Strix Ctrl and the TUF Gaming K7.

They both look like they were made of raw metal - because they have!

The flashy technology inside each keyboard means you get ultra-fast response from the laser sensors under each key, but with the classic sense of an old-style mechanical keyboard.


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