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Google's digital assistant will notify you when your flight is delayed

In the coming weeks, the Google Assistant digital assistant will start alerting you by phone if it predicts a flight delay and "we'll tell you if we know," the company added.

Using flight status data combined with Machine Learning (ML), the Google Assistant Digital Assistant will brief you by phone if your flight is delayed even before the airline announces it.

According to Google, the digital assistant will inform users by phone when their algorithms predict that their flights will be delayed.


Earlier this year, we began sharing Flight Delay Forecasts (through Google Flight) when looking for your flight status and we are 85% sure that if we say a flight will be delayed this will eventually happen.

We use historical flight status data in conjunction with machine learning to make these predictions before airlines confirm the delays, ”Google said in a post in a blog late on Tuesday.

"Can you ask something like" Hello Google, my flight will be delayed "or" Hello Google, what time is my flight to Eleftherios Venizelos? "Said the company.


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