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GitHub presents a new Status Page

PageThe GitHub is the most popular code repository used by a huge number of developers and software companies. So, every time GitHub faces someone technical problem and the site is down, many users around the world are surprised and irritated.

Although GitHub already has one old Status Page, which indicates the site's operating status, does not accurately indicate whether an issue affects an autonomous service or a cluster of interdependent services.

That's why GitHub created a new Status Page, which will tell users any issues that arise and report each one separately. The latest Status site, displays a list of the individual status of the site's services.

Now users can subscribe to know the status of the items they are most interested in, in real time and receive notifications about them.

For example, Git features have been separated from API requests and pages created can be monitored independently. So if the site or any feature is experiencing a slowdown in the service, users will be informed with accuracy and reliability.

Over the next three months, GitHub will continue to support the old status site as well as its API. By the end of February, the old API will be terminated altogether and all web traffic will be transferred to the new Status Page.

The blog post further states that GitHub will test an incident response workflow on 18 December 2018 on 10: 00 PST (18: 00 UTC). Consequently, degraded services may appear on the status site.


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