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Gartner: 10 Top Technology Trends for 2019!

Η Gartner has highlighted the top strategic technological trends that 2019 has to explore. Gartner defines a strategic technology trend as a strategy that has a wider impact and use or is rapidly growing with a high degree of volatility that tipping points reach over the next five years.

technological trends

10's top trends in technology for 2019 are:

#1 Autonomous things

Autonomous objects, such as robots, aircrafts and stand-alone vehicles, use it Artificial Intelligence for the automation of operations previously executed by humans. Their automation goes beyond the automation provided by rigid programming models and exploits artificial intelligence to deliver advanced behaviors that interact more naturally with their environment and with humans.

#2 Augmented analytics

Sophisticated analytical data focuses on a specific area of ​​intelligence, using mechanical learning to transform the way in which analytical data is developed, consumed and shared. Improved analysis capabilities will be quickly integrated as a key feature of data preparation, Data management, modern analytics, business process management, process mining and data science platforms

Automated knowledge will be integrated into business applications such as HR, finance, sales, marketing, customer service, procurement and asset management services to optimize the decisions and actions of all employees in their business.

#3 Artificial intelligence-driven development

The market shifts rapidly from an approach in which science scientists need to work with application developers to create more artificial intelligence solutions in a model where a professional developer can operate on his own using predefined models provided as service. This provides the developer with an ecosystem of algorithms and artificial intelligence models, as well as development tools tailored to the integration of capabilities and models artificial intelligence.

Up to 2022, at least 40% of new app development plans will have co-creators of artificial intelligence.

#4 Digital twins

We refer to the digital representation of a real entity or system. Until 2020, Gartner estimates there will be over 20 sensors, endpoints and digital twins in millions of things. Organizations will implement digital twins from the beginning. They will evolve over time, improving their ability to collect and display the right data, apply the correct analytical data, and respond effectively to business goals.

#5 Empowered edge

Empowered edge refers to endpoint devices that are used by people or embedded in the world around us. Edge computing describes a computational topology in which information processing, content collection, and delivery are placed nearer to endpoint devices. It tries to keep it traffic reducing the delay.

However, instead of creating a new architecture, it cloud computing and edge computing will evolve as complementary models while cloud services will be a central service running not only on central servers but also on distributed servers.

#6 Immersive experience

Communication platforms change the way people interact with it digital world. Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality change the way people perceive the digital world. This combined shift in perception and interaction patterns leads to the Immersive experience.

#7 Blockchain

Blockchain, a public list of all encryption transactions ever executed, promises to reform industries by allowing trust, providing transparency and reducing friction in business ecosystems, potentially reducing costs by reducing transaction times and improving the cash flow. Today, trust is placed in banks, clearing houses, governments and many other institutions as the central authority to maintain database security. The Blockchain provides an alternative way of reliance and eliminates the need for central authorities to arbitrate transactions.

#8 Smart spaces

A smart space is a natural or digital environment in which people and technology-activated systems interact in increasingly open, connected, coordinated and intelligent ecosystems. Multiple elements, including people, processes, services and things, come together in a smart place to create a more emblematic, interactive and automated experience.

#9 Digital ethics and privacy

Digital ethics and privacy are a growing concern for individuals, organizations and governments. People are increasingly worried about how their personal data is being used by organizations in both the public and private sectors and the response will become more intense for organizations that do not prevent these concerns.

#10 Quantum computing

Quantum computing operates in the quantum state of subatomic particles, for example, electrons and ions that represent information as quantum bits qubits. Parallel execution and exponential scaling quantum computing means that a solution to the problems can be found much faster.


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