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Could autonomous AR avatars interact with us?

ARIf you spend enough time watching the seemingly "perfect" life of other people on Social Media, you may realize that his fake image online courses world has started to look much more realistic.

This may be the reason why so many investors are turning to the world of avatar and digital influencers who are not real people but can learn from their audience in real time. The team Artie is one of them, which is essentially trying to create an interactive machine, so that digital images enter the real world and have some meaningful interaction with the users through AR.

Artie's supporters include the Founders Fund and YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley. Co-founders Armando Kirwin and Ryan Horrigan come from leading start-ups in the media sector.

Artie's stand-alone platform focuses on emerging trends.

One is the idea of ​​digital influencers emerging in Japan and Korea, which basically exploits all the new smartphone faces, allowing users to create 3D images that are a kind of animated, online celebrity. Artie does not necessarily look at the content created by users at the moment, but the company's work on more branded content with already tested IPs is an interesting first step towards something bigger.

Artie is also an AR company. The AR market seems to have some obstacles to overcome. There are some companies trying to create some more fundamental possibilities to allow common experiences that adapt to their environment but it is unclear how the missing link actually is to persuade people to use a feature that simply is idle on their smartphone.

The company collaborates with WebXR standards that effectively allow someone to touch a link on their phone and sink directly into an experience where the avatar is in its physical space.

Even though this idea sounds a bit strange, Artie is not the only one who has shown interest, as Google has found itself very close to it with the release of Playground on its Pixel smartphones, where users can find photos with 3D characters that have contact with their environment. For Artie, the deeper interactions between the avatar and the characters are what she really hopes will bring magic to the fore.

The co-founders share the same great insights into the technology that exploits deep learning to show content creators more about the world and the audience they are creating. Artie is at the forefront of some interesting but rather peculiar market trends, which are probably driven by both pop culture and technological potential, although it is a whole new technology coming from a small group.

The founders say they will start working with some former "power users" such as media companies and celebrities from the first quarter of next year to begin creating the first experiences for their machine called "Wonderfriend".


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