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Amazon: How to use Drop In and Announcements on Fire HD tablets

Amazon has optimized its Echo hardware in recent years to create a powerful smart home experience. Some of the latest hardware updates come through the Echo Show and Echo Spot. They are the first devices Echo including monitors and video cameras, making it perfect for visual announcements and video calls.


The tablets also have monitors and camcorders and some of these features will be included in Amazon's Fire Table series through software updates. However, the new features will not be available on all Amazon Fire tablets. Currently, Amazon adds functionality only to Fire HD 8 (2017 and 2018) and Fire HD 10 tablets.

Drop In and Announcements are almost the same as those found in Echo Show and Echo Spot. The first allows you to make calls with other Echo and compatible Alexa tablets while the second allows you to relay to all your other Alexa devices. The positive thing is that features are not enabled by default.

How you can use them:

  • If you want to try the Drop In and Announcement features on the Kindle Fire HD, you'll need to change some settings. Go to Settings in the drop-down menu and select "Alexa". Enable Alexa and Hands-Free Mode. Switch "Communications" to Calling and Messaging.
  • You will then want to enable the Drop In function by selecting On. Select “My Household ” to allow other devices on the same account to access Drop In or even other contacts.
  • The last thing you need to do is enable the "Announcements". Just go to the Announcements slider.
  • Once you have everything set up, you need to enable Show Mode to use the features. It can be achieved in two ways: The easiest way is to simply say "Alexa, go to Show Mode." If this is not convenient, you can also turn it on from your Fire tablet screen by going to Show Mode slider.

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