Why do the Chinese spy on the United States of America?

Why do the Chinese spy on the United States of America?

In recent years, Chinese spies have been making more and more attempts to learn the secrets of the US. At 30 ...
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The Rocke Group hackers are targeting cloud security products

A big topic of discussion in the world of cybersecurity is security in the cloud world. Rocke Group has created an automated ...
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Large number of companies with malicious software in their backup

Cybercriminals have their looks in your computer systems, and whatever measures you take to make them ...
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The Cost of Paying in a Ransomware Attack Nearly Doubles While Downtime Also Increases

According to Coveware's latest research data, there is a large increase in ransoms and downtime due to the increased use of a variation ...
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Most EU businesses have been hacking in the last 12 months

A survey carried out at more than 5.400 companies in the US, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, ...
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Ashampoo UnInstaller 8: The Winners of the Contest

Dear readers,
Ο contest carried out by Secnews with 5 Gift Licenses for Ashampoo UnInstaller 8, was completed. Thank you for your participation! The winners will also be informed by e-mail to the email they participated with.

Ashampoo UnInstaller

Here are the names of 5 lucky winners from a license for the installer, test and uninstaller, Ashampoo UnInstaller 8. Congratulations to everybody!

  1. Nikoleta


  3. Mihalis K.

  4. Sotiris


* The draw took place automatically via the rewardsfuel.com platform.

In each of the above, an email will be sent, followed by the license key.

Once the winners have received the relevant emails, which will automatically be sent via the platform, they will have to claim their gift via a reply email within 15 days to send them the corresponding license key. You will then have to follow the instructions for activating the product they will find on the following link:
We thank all those who took part in our contest and congratulate the winners once again!
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