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Unrelated Ethereum Clients endanger the entire network

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Swastika appeared as a hotel symbol on Google Maps

Google Maps was hit by a peculiar error that somehow changed Google's icons for hotels in Europe and other Swabian sites.

According to some information, some of the users in Europe, Puerto Rico along with other parts of the world that spotted the error transferred the information to the authorities.

Google's application of "beds" as pictures for hotels was hit by an error that transformed the icon into a swastika.

Google Maps responded by saying that the symbol is a Buddhist symbol representing a place of worship rather than a "swastika" in reality. They also informed that they are working to fix the bugs.

Google Maps

Also, one of the confused users did uninstall and reinstall the application and discovered that the situation returned to normal.

Disturbing users in other parts of the world from Europe also faced this strange issue and published various tweets to express their impression of the issue. One of the users from the capital of Ireland mentioned the subject by sending a few tweets talking about a "bed-bug".

Swastika, after Hitler's terrorist dictatorship, was associated with Nazi feeling, but long before that, the Buddhist symbol meant for thousands of years power and prosperity.

The rationale behind the entire state of errors could be the fact that Google Maps has a feature that allows users to see sites with "points of interest".

Each "point of interest" has its own symbol that corresponds to it, such as a "fork and knife" for restaurants and a shopping bag for shopping malls.

However, as developments evolved, it was discovered that this illustration was always intended to represent the Buddhist temples, especially in places where it is still regarded as a "religious symbol".

Notwithstanding the above, Google found that the sudden appearance of the Swastika or Buddhist symbol is an accident and will be removed from the Maps.

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