HomesecurityPenalty on Facebook: £ 500,000 for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Penalty on Facebook: £ 500,000 for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

In the UK, the Office of the Information Committee appears to be unable to accept the apology given by Facebook a few months earlier about the scandal Cambridge Analytica. According to the committee, a fine of ,500,000 XNUMX will soon be imposed on the company.

When and for what reasons was the fine imposed?
The fine was imposed on him October. The reason for it fine is no less than sharing the personal data of about 87 million users and the company's failure to protect sensitive information and make audits.
According to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, their data users and their friends took advantage of a quiz app to get an idea of ​​the UK's polls and preferences. The Commission's office considered the move to be illegal, as users were unaware of and did not agree to provide their information for this purpose. The Commission stressed that the fine is final and that there are no negotiations.

What was the answer of Facebook?
Facebook's representatives said they disagreed with Commission staff and there is no evidence that users actually did not agree with them conditions the company's. They also added that they should have done more investigations into the scandal and had taken better action.
Facebook has not accepted the sentence but according to the representative of the Commission, the company has the right to appeal to a court of first instance, so that the issue can be judged there and the final decision can be made. So far, the court has not notified that it has received the Facebook appeal on the issue of imposing a fine.

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