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Zero-Day Vulnerability gives Hackers full access to PCs

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Online trolls and bots at the service of politicians!

We all have heard them "trolls" (false accounts) of the internet. Some of us may occasionally have encountered troll accounts on social media. I hope no one of you has been bulling. What are "trolls"Of the internet and why can a" troll"Becoming very dangerous for online our life;

The dark side of the internet and more specifically the "trolls" living and reigning in it has recently revealed the SKAI TV Channel through a special report on "8 News". The purpose of the show was to reveal how a "troll" can serve a political party.

But let's take things from the beginning, what is "troll";

In the Internet language, the word "troll" describes an Internet user with wickedly challenging, deliberately silly or out-of-the-box positions and views in an online open community such as a discussion forum, public discussion on social half platforms (Twitter, Facebook etc), mailing list, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking and irritating other users or in any way causing a disorder in an online discussion of any subject.

Indeed, as the gentleman explains Konstantinos Vavoussis, Information Security Systems Specialist, SKAI reporter, to make it a fake account and "trick" the platform is pretty easy and time-consuming.

So now that we have clarified the purpose of the troll on the web, let's take the matter a step further, when the troll works in the interest of a political party or company,

For the sake of the truth, such a "troll"Who wrote for SYRIZA from 2011 until 2015 recently spoke at Inside Story.

«We had a coordinator, who we knew was based in Koumoundouro. He was a member of the party and we knew his name. The mornings sent one e-mail in the shared list of all "troll", About a hundred people, to whom I was myself. That was where the non-paper, where we were told what issues we had to "play" on Twitter and with what hashtag"Said Kostas, a former" troll "of SYRIZA.

How did they redeem their action? Either later they were converted employees or they took a cash amount of 200 with 500 euros per month.

It is estimated that in the summer of 2015, in view of the referendum, online "trolls" dominated the internet, either in favor of "Yes" or in favor of "No". After SYRIZA's monumental shift, a scandal was prevailing that he wanted to write negative and aggressive comments against his opponents. Of course, at this point, let us note that "troll"Accounts are used if not by all, by most political opposition parties for the same purpose.

trollsAccording Christos Xenakis, Associate Professor of Digital Systems at the University of Piraeus, the "trolls"Are considered obsolete as now the scepters have taken a fake account BOTS, special software that automatically manages hundreds of "trolls". «This is even more complex and more difficult as you can not control the machines"Said Mr. Xenakis.

How can we deal with a "troll";

  • If ignore a "troll", usually begins to produce more and more annoying and offensive messages with the sole purpose of provoking a reaction. If it does not come, then the troll usually quits.
  • Participating or responding to a discussion involving "troll", satirical is described as "feeding", so «Do not feed the trolls» so as not to cause any reactions that will satisfy it.
  • There are useful technical means to fight a user - troll, such as immediate removal of messages his technique,appropriate protection filters, or h blocking it.

In chat rooms, managers ("operators" or "moderators") have the option of removing the troll from the kick or even prohibiting the ban. More is the method by which "troll" is immediately put out of the chat room (akick). Finally, if the "troll" case is too "heavy", it is not even allowed to connect to the server (K-lined).

You can watch the SKAI report at the link below, at time 18: 43.

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