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A simple design change, could really fix Twitter

TwitterOn Monday, the The Verge reported that Twitter "redesigned" the iOS app to put less emphasis on the number of followers, a move consistent with CEO Jack Dorsey's recent comment that the platform has incorrectly pushed users to "increase that number." ”.

How does Twitter fix this error?

If you take a closer look at the point mentioned by the Followers you will find that the font size is slightly smaller. The Verge notes that the change is "small", but it does not catch the eye.

It would be easy to reject this effort as a weak and little maneuver, against the many and serious issues facing the platform. But it is a step towards improving the social media.

Speaking to New Delhi earlier this month, Dorsey noted that it was probably wrong to show the number of followers on the profile, saying: "This may have been right before 12 years, but I do not think it is right these days," he says the Slashdot. Similarly, it may seem like the right move to make 2006 readable tweets, but with our current knowledge, we can all agree that it was not.

Consider, for example, how much less sense would be caused by the negative comments and the hate speech of some popular and non-human if their tweets became more unreadable.

In addition to its obvious aesthetic benefits, this change will solve most (if not all) Twitter problems with moderation. Making all the tweets equally unreadable, we could not say that it removes the right of speech from users. Everyone will still say their opinion, but with greater discretion.


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