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Windows 10 Mail App comes with an improved user interface

Microsoft is now testing ads in Windows 10 Mail App, but as some have noticed, this rather controversial update can also bring a number of welcome improvements.


One of these is an upgraded user interface, which, as detected by some users of reddit, makes the Windows 10 Mail application a bit more modern.

There are new icons as well as photo previews and shortcuts in the calendar that are moved to the left sidebar for a simpler look that focuses on mail folders and the message list.

While the appearance of the Mail app improves, the improvements Microsoft brings to the customer are taken with mixed feelings from insiders.

For example, the screenshot you see here shows that the Mail app covers most of the screen, but the layout and fonts used by the Microsoft products shows that it can only display five different messages at a time. This is seen by many as a waste of space, especially if you receive email tones every day and somehow do not line up with Microsoft's productivity boost.

However, it is worth noting that this visual review is currently in the testing phase, as the update is currently available exclusively for Windows insiders.

As for when it could be put into operation for production devices, it depends on it feedback of the users, but if everything goes well, updating can get the green light in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, those who are unsatisfied with how the default mail application improves on Windows 10 can always go to third-party email programs. Mozilla Thunderbird is still one of the best options, though it does not have the modern look of Windows 10 Mail App, is considered by many to be a useful tool for daily productivity.

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