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Facebook saves it cheaply for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

CambridgeThe fine finally imposed on Facebook by the UK government for his role in the famous Cambridge Analytica scandal is just 654.000 dollars. The scandal has resulted in nearly 1 million users in the UK losing their data, while globally this number touches 87 millions.

The fine is equal to the amount that Facebook earns in 9 minutes, according to the 40,7 billion dollars earned by the company in the year 2017.

The reason behind the tiny amount is that the fine was imposed in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act, which was still in force when the scandal occurred. If the scandal had arisen with the newly enforced law GDPR, he would have to pay an amount equal to up to 4% of his annual revenue, which could be a huge and remarkable amount.

The UK Information Commissioner's Office said: “An ICO survey found that between 2007 and 2014, Facebook unjustifiably processed users' personal information, allowing developers to access their information without adequate, clear and their consent.

According to the statement, "after examining the presentations by the company, the ICO issued the fine on Facebook and confirmed that the amount - the maximum allowed by the laws in force at the time of the incidents - will remain unchanged."

The infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal has raised serious concerns about the privacy of users and the social networking giant has received massive criticism from both government and users.


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