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Yahoo is called to pay a fine of 50 million dollars

Yahoo is summoned to pay 50 millions for damage, and will provide free credit monitoring to thousands of Americans and Israelis who have been the victims of the enormous violation of 2013's service. On Monday, through court, Yahoo agreed to pay the amount.

The case comes from the biggest data violation ever made, where 3 billions of bills were violated. The accounts accounted for more than 200 million people, and the attack came from hackers, some of whom were Russians.

As mentioned above, 2013 was violated, but it was not posted until 2016. Leaked user data included names, email addresses, home addresses, birthdates, and phone numbers. The company, which is now managed by Verizon, claims that no credit card details and passwords were leaked.

In April, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filed a Yahoo fine of 35 million as it failed to inform its customers and investors in good time in a reasonable timeframe.

It was also reported that those who had Yahoo accounts at that time and suffered some damage due to the breach, can request up to 375 $ as a fee. However, there should be documented evidence that the data leaked was used.

2014, a year later, Yahoo fell victim to another violation that leaked 500 million account data. Items this time included encrypted and unencrypted passwords.


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