KnowBe4: The world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform

KnowBe4: The world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform

KnowBe4 is the provider of the world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. Sales of KnowBe4 ...
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Phishing attacks are increasing. Microsoft targeting hackers!

Η microsoft remains at the top of the list of companies that malicious users choose to make when they want to "fish" their victims.

According to Vade Secure -a company that detects them Phishing URLs and each quarter publishes a list of 25 companies, their favorite baits hackersthe third quarter of 2018 Microsoft is in the first place while in the second we meet it Pay Pal. The top five is complemented by Netflix, the Bank of America and the Wells Fargo.

H Vade Secure stressed that more than half Phishing URLs belong to both cloud based services as well as services whose main activity is money transfer and payments.

If you are wondering why Microsoft is the favorite choice of phishers, the answer is very simple: Basic Goal of phishing attacks on Microsoft accounts is the collection of credentials Office 365.


«With a single set of credentials, the hackers can access a treasure of confidential files, data, and contacts stored in Office 365 applications"Says Vade Secure in her report. Continuing, he pointed out that malicious users can use the infringing Office 365 accounts for new phishing and malware attacks.

On the other, PayPal and Netflix accounts are quite tempting for phishers as they offer instant payback (PayPal) and valuable credit card personal information (Netflix) which they can sell on the dark web.

If we want to take a look at listing the list over the basic five-fire, at 6η we are meeting Facebook, 7η Chase, 8η Orange, 9η DHL and 10η the Dropbox. The Amazon, ING, RBC and BT are much lower than 25, while Comcast, NBC, AmEx and CIBC are the first to make it.

Good to know that:

  • Microsoft phishing emails are sent during the week.
  • Phishing emails from Bank of America are shipped during the weekend with no branch offices and customer service lines.
  • On Sundays, Netflix is ​​experiencing a higher percentage of phishing as most of us will be relaxing watching a movie / series on weekends - especially on Sunday.

In conclusion, it is worth stressing that phishing knows great acne! The total number of phishing URLs has risen 20.4% for the third quarter of 2018.

Do not be a fish, be safe!

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