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Digital Forensics Pendulum Case - Gun in the hands of justice

fyssa, Fossa

SecNews, always present in technology news and achievements, analyzes the events of 18th September of 2013 concerning the murder of Paul Fussa, based on the extensive analysis of Forensic Architecture, with its own technological look.

The Phylos family assigned to this multifarious group the examination of the audiovisual material of the case file for further analysis. The research center proceeded to spatially and temporally analyze the events that preceded the assassination so as to accurately reflect the position of those involved and thus answer many unanswered questions.

After examining the available material, it was found that virtually none of the video files contained precise metadata and it appeared that the security cameras had not been properly set up by their owners. This fact, combined with the unclear methodology followed up to the involvement of Forensic Architecture, characterizes the reports previously filed as incomplete.

Proper exploitation and management of available resources to define a precise timeline of events is a key point in the analysis and this is reflected in the work of Forensic Architecture.

For the purpose of the investigation, Forensic Architecture was originally required to define the exact field of view for each security camera that recorded events about the incident. To make this feasible, the available material has to be studied in the light of the map and photos of the area. Its three-dimensional mapping was done with the help of Google Earth, Google Maps and on-site research, and the software used was Rhinoceros 5.0 and 3D Studio Max. The analysis of video files was done with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects video editing software.

fyssa, Fossa

In order to allow for the necessary synchronization of visual material, the research team has defined and observed 'reference points' through multiple cameras. For example, pedestrian traffic was observed with steady gait as well as car traffic on Tsaldaris Street as the above crossed the said cameras. The video files were then synchronized by calculating the average speed of moving objects.

Having synchronized and digitally captured all the visual material available to the group, the synchronization and the analysis of the sound sources from the EKAB transmissions had a series. and the police as these talks bear an exact time stamp. As mentioned above, it was found that the video material did not include the correct time stamps, so the correlation of the sound sources with this was a decisive point in the research to define the time frame of those events with the accuracy of a second. Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition were used to sync audio files while the Praat software was used for voice analysis.

fyssa, Fossa

After the processing and examination of the above audiovisual material, the following inconclusive conclusions arise:

  • On 23: 58: 11 four motorcycles of the D.I.A. group arrive in the area. The police officers themselves testified that they had not received the call for intervention from the central, 23:59.
  • The video clearly shows that four motorcycles arrived: two groups of two motorbikes. However, the head of the DI.AS. Keratsini, Anastasios Tsolakidis, 3 about minutes later on 00: 01: 26, said to the radio that only one team was in the spot.
  • On 23: 59: 08, arrives a 8 procession of motorcycles, followed by two cars. The first vehicle fits into the description of Georgios Roupakia's car (Nissan Almera silver).
  • A few seconds later, on 23: 59: 40, the motorcycles of the teams DIA. reappeared on Tsaldari Street, from the direction of Xanthou Street, heading towards Kefallinias Street. Motorcycles seem to have made the circle of building blocks. This shift is not included in any of the police records.
  • On 00: 01: 49, people appear to run on Tsaldari Street and turn east on Xanthou Street. Depending on the testimony of the witnesses, it is estimated that these people were the friends of Paul Fussa.
  • On 00: 02: 10, appears a car that fits in the description of Georgios Roupakia's car (Nissan Almera silver). At 00: 02: 17, the driver of that car, which is estimated to be George Roupakias, seems to be leaving his vehicle, which had temporarily parked on Xanthou Street, and looking to the scene of the crime. Then the driver went back into the car and in the car 00: 03: 00 he retreated and entered Tsaldari Street against the traffic flow.
  • According to the analysis of the movement of the above vehicle and the mobility of the persons on the scene of the crime (as they look dimly as figures in the depth of the camera's field of view), the murder of Pavlos Fossas is estimated to have taken place XNUMX:XNUMX:XNUMX και XNUMX:XNUMX:XNUMX.
  • Within the time frame of the assassination, on 00: 03: 35, the team leader, D.I. Keratsiniou, sent to the Business Center of DIAS. that an attempt is made to separate the individuals.
  • On 00: 04: 06, there are four figures out of the way.
  • On 00: 05: 20, the head of the DI.AS. Keratsiniou, Anastasios Tsolakidis, forwarded to the Business Center of DIAS. that Paul Fissas was injured. A call had already been made to EKAB around 00: 04 (no time stamp) from Christos Deligiannis' mobile phone.

Her research Forensic Architecture clearly demonstrates that know-how coupled with the proper use of technology can be a catalytic factor in investigating and detecting criminal activities. More and more court cases include digital signage analysis. A properly structured investigation, such as the Forensic Architecture survey for the murder of Paul Fussa, is an irrefutable proof in the hands of justice. Such a survey, so detailed, without leaving any questions about its accuracy and correctness, can fully judge the outcome of a court case. This finding can act as a deterrent to similar actions in the future, but also a valuable tool in the hands of justice.

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