Hackers use Twitter Card vulnerability and attack users

Hackers use Twitter Card vulnerability and attack users

Twitter was found with a new vulnerability, which could allow hackers to attack its users ...
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Firefox 70 brings Lockwise password manager. Get ready for a lot of hacks!

Mozilla brings Lockwise password manager to Firefox 70, which is expected to be released on October 22. Firefox ...
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Google buys random human data for just $ 5

Google is one of the world's largest technology companies and is constantly working on new, innovative projects. It employs a ...
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How dangerous and frequent is an attack on RDP-enabled computers?

How long does it take for an attack on RDP-enabled computers? In some cases, a few minutes. In most, less than 24 hours. The...
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Watchbog: Attacks on servers to "keep the internet safe"

Hackers are exploiting vulnerable Jira and Exim servers to infect them with a new variant of Watchbog Linux ...
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Snip & Sketch: The new screenshot capture tool for Windows 10

Microsoft introduces a new screenshot tool for Windows 10, which replaces the Snipping Tool, which proves that the company is trying hard enough to bring more features to that application.

The reason for Snip & Sketch which can be easily activated by the Action Center or just by pressing the PrtScn button.

The new tool introduces downloading a screenshot with a time delay. Essentially, this feature allows you to capture a screenshot with a predefined delay (3 or 10 seconds).


But while we are talking about a fairly developed application, there is still a lot to be added. For example, there is no auto-saving function for the screen shot you take while the configuration settings available in existing releases are quite limited.

Keyboard shortcut support is quite limited, and you can not specify different access keys for different clipping functions. It is worth noting that these functions are quite important and that microsoft you should definitely add them to future snip & sketch updates.

You can try all the above by updating the latest version of the app.

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