Hackers use Bit.ly, BlogSpot, and Pastebin to distribute RevengeRAT

Hackers use Bit.ly, BlogSpot, and Pastebin to distribute RevengeRAT

A new survey by the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 revealed a malicious campaign that took place in March and ...
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Car Hacking: More likely to be done by a mechanic than by a hacker

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Sri Lanka: Blocks access to social media

The government of Sri Lanka has temporarily blocked access to various social media services following deadly explosions that erupted ...
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How to hack networks with Wi-Fi passwords

Probably you have a Wi-Fi network in your home or stay close to one (or more) that appears in ...
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What is Social Engineering, what are its techniques and how to protect yourself?

Social Engineering is the term used for a wide range of malicious activities that are accomplished through human interactions. Uses the ...
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DDNS: What is and is used by this service

DDNS, dynamic DNS, or more specifically, a dynamic domain name system, is a service that maintains and translates domain names into dynamic IP addresses. Through such a service, you can access your computer or files in your home from anywhere in the world.

DDNS serves a similar purpose to DNS. DDNS allows ftp servers, or other services, to access these services by "calling" a domain name instead of the IP address that changes at regular intervals.

However, unlike DNS, which only works with static IPs, DDNS is designed to work with dynamic IPs, which are used in most home-based internet connections. So a DDNS service is ideal if you want to access your home network from another network.


How do these services work?

To use this type of service, you should initially choose one such as NO-IP, and then create an account. Depending on the service you choose, there will be detailed instructions on how to set up the service. Usually there are software programs that the user needs to download and install on his server. Also, in some of these services, it is possible to set up directly on the router, so you do not need to run the software.

The way the software works is simple. Once it is running, it constantly checks whether the public IP has changed, and when it becomes aware that it has changed, it communicates with the DDNS service, updating it and updating its records.

In this way, while there is an active connection, and as the program is running, it is certain that whoever calls the domain you have created will be routed to the right place.


The reason static addresses use DNS, not DDNS, is because their domain name does not need to be updated. Static IPs, unlike IP dynamics, do not change.

Why you may need a DDNS service

Using dynamic DNS is the ideal solution for you if you maintain a webserver in your home, if you want access to your computer files regardless of where you are, or for any other reason.

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