HomesecurityRansomware "Barack Obama" infects Windows PC

Ransomware "Barack Obama" infects Windows PC

ransomwarePrior to cyber criminals using crypto mining scripts to exploit illegally its power CPU, various kinds of ransomware such as WannaCry they infected computers around the world. However, this threat has not gone away, as every now and then, a new and interesting ransomware makes its appearance again.

And here is where Barack Obama's Everlasting Blue Blackmail Virus comes into play. "Ransomware was first reported by MalwareHunterTeam (through Bleeping Computer). It seems that for now, malware just encrypts the files . EXE on Windows machines.

Being ransomware, it obviously comes with a ransom note. In this case the note shows a picture of Barack Obama and a "tip" to unlock the files. The tip mentions the ransom payment instructions and asks the user to contact a specific email for more information.

As far as encryption is running by ransomware, it does not add any special or customized extension. The new extension is added as secondary to make the files worthless.

It also clears all Shadow Volume Copies from Windows machines. This is to make it difficult to retrieve the files. Malware also modifies the registry keys associated with the files and runs every time someone attempts to open a file .EXE.

It goes without saying that users are being asked to refrain from paying to criminals any kind of ransom. Such an action will probably motivate them to blackmail them even more.

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