Instagram's hacker forum is hacked by other hackers

Instagram's hacker forum is hacked by other hackers

Hacker hacked the OGUSERS forum and published his database on another hacker forum, as announced by the ...
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Dramatic reduction of hacktivist attacks, from 2015 to today

IBM has conducted a survey according to which hacktivist attacks have been reduced by 95%, by 2015 ....
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The site of the Singapore Red Cross was dashed

A hacking victim fell on Singapore's Red Cross site on Thursday and 4.000 potential blood donors were violated. OR...
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Facebook blocked an Israeli company that was engaging in disinformation campaigns

Facebook announced that it had identified and blocked a misinformation campaign, which came from the Archimedes Group of Israel. Misinformation ...
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The new techniques hackers use to violate Office 365

Some years ago, when cloud technology was first emerging, it was only used by technology savvy and the most innovative ...
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Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 - Earn 6 licenses

Are you looking for a handy, robust and flexible backup solution? has 6 licensing for you from Ashampoo Backup Pro 12.

The program allows you to safely backup and restore your files, disk partitions, and even entire operating systems, while protecting you from viruses, ransomware and Windows errors!

Ashampoo Backup Pro 12

The new Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 offers you various options to back up individual files or entire disk partitions on any media or cloud. Everything happens in the background and the program is light on system resources. Even in the event of a system failure, the integrated emergency solution can restore your system!

The main features of Ashampoo Backup Pro 12:

Powerful disk control for 100% reliable backups
Back up and restore entire Windows systems
Backup light: Direct access to backup files
Support for OneDrive Business / Office, Owncloud and Nextcloud
Your rescue against the ransomware
New and easy to understand user interface
Well structured and clear design
Easy-to-use rescue system with UEFI support
New system restore tool

Of course, program capabilities do not stop here: Users can benefit from multiple features, such as the new hard disk diagnostics feature, which allows you to identify and fix bugs that can damage your backups or the smart backup mechanism that allows executing scheduled backup copies without interruptions and without slowing down your system. See all the features that the new Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 offers.

Participation Process
To participate in the contest leave your comment on comment section which follows. The winners will be announced by lottery on Saturday 04 August, and will be informed on the email they will declare when joining. The names of the winners will also be posted in this post.

Good luck to everyone!

Here are the names of 6 lucky winners from a license. Congratulations to everybody!

1. Giorgos
2. Dimitris Giannidakis
4. Giannis pantsourakis
5. Rapsoulis
6. Yiotis Dimitrios

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