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Spam email: Once 5 file types are the 85% of all malicious files

Although e-piracy is the primary source of malware, spam continues to be a major contributor to infection and a tool for cyber criminals, according to a report published yesterday by the Finnish company F-Secure.

Spam email

Experts say the reason why there is so much spam going is that people can not recognize it. Users find it difficult to distinguish real emails from spam, even though spam emails exist over 40.

According to the F-Secure survey, the percentage of users that opens the malicious ones email has increased relative to last year, from 13.4% to 14.2%.

With browsers and operating systems more secure than ever before, against exploit kits and vulnerabilities, cybercriminals have turned to spam. "From samples we took and researched in the Spring of 2018, 46% of spam emails are dating sites, 23% are emails with malicious attachments and 31% contain addresses from malicious or misleading sites." reports F-Secure. It is also reported that 85% of malicious attachments to these files are: .ZIP, .DOC, .XLS, .PDF and .7Z

Spam continues to exist in the same way it did years ago. There has been no change in the way you write or send for years, and this can be seen from their efficiency which has decreased, although the email opening rate has gone up. The technique is still based on sending hundreds of millions of emails en masse, in order to "pull" if a tiny percentage of users.

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