ZombieLoad Attack: It does not affect the performance of the games

ZombieLoad Attack: It does not affect the performance of the games

ZombieLoad: Last week, a new vulnerability was discovered in Intel processors that allowed users to access sensitive information ...
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Instagram's hacker forum is hacked by other hackers

Hacker hacked the OGUSERS forum and published his database on another hacker forum, as announced by the ...
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Dramatic reduction of hacktivist attacks, from 2015 to today

IBM has conducted a survey according to which hacktivist attacks have been reduced by 95%, by 2015 ....
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The site of the Singapore Red Cross was dashed

A hacking victim fell on Singapore's Red Cross site on Thursday and 4.000 potential blood donors were violated. OR...
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Facebook blocked an Israeli company that was engaging in disinformation campaigns

Facebook announced that it had identified and blocked a misinformation campaign, which came from the Archimedes Group of Israel. Misinformation ...
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5 Basic Tips for Enhanced Internet Security

Nowadays, where cyber attacks in colossal companies and ordinary citizens are a daily occurrence, it is important to adhere to some basic security rules and to guard against malicious hackers. So we have prepared a list of 5 basic things that we all have to watch out for.

5 safety tips

  • Beware of strange addresses or attachments to Our emails

It is essential to pay attention to the attachments and the addresses contained in the emails we receive. Phishing attacks through misleading addresses is something we often see. So it is important that we can recognize when an email is suspicious. If there are spelling mistakes, suspicious links, or the wrong sender's address, then it's probably a malicious email. It is also important that we do not receive attachments that we do not know from where they come from, and all attached files are controlled by Antivirus.

  • Avoid publicity WIRELESS

Limit the use you make from public WIFI as you can never know who can monitor the network. Avoid login to e-banking applications or other critical online platforms from devices and networks that you are not 100% sure about their security.

  • You keep Backup from your files

Make sure you keep your files back up at regular intervals, and keep your Antivirus updated. Cloud technologies have made the backup process very simple, or even automatic. For those who do not prefer cloud, however, it is recommended to use an external hard disk to keep the backup.

As far as antivirus it is important to always be renewed. Every day thousands of new viruses are exposed and detected to which you are exposed if you do not renew your Antivirus for just one day!

  • Check your accounts for suspicious activity

Frequently check accounts for suspicious activity. If you notice a move that does not remind you of anything, then your account may have been violated. For example, in Gmail and Facebook, you can check the latest IP addresses and devices that have been linked to your account.

  • Password management

Finally, it's also important to keep your passwords secure. From 2017 created as the "strong password" term, many sites have adopted the change. A strong password should contain at least 8 characters, pedestrians and capitals, symbols and numbers. Also, it should not contain entire words as they are contained in a dictionary, nor any of the user's details (such as name or date of birth). It is also recommended to use a password manager such as LastPass, as it creates and stores complex codes difficult for a hacker to find.

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