Windows computer infected with 6 high-profile viruses sold 1 million US dollars

Windows computer infected with 6 high-profile viruses sold 1 million US dollars

A Windows laptop that has been infected by six high-profile computer viruses has surpassed the value of a million dollars ...
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G Suite user codes were stored in plaintext

Google admitted on Tuesday that pre-paid G Suite applications targeting businesses store some passwords ...
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DDOS attacks return again after last fall

Last year there was a significant drop in DDOS attack detection. However, according to a new research from Kaspersky ...
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Researcher published a dangerous Windows 10 zero-day exploit

A security researcher today revealed at GitHub the existence of a zero-day vulnerability in Windows 10. Zero-day vulnerabilities are often called ...
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School in Ohio fell victim to attack hacking with Trickbot

On Friday, a school in Ohio discovered he was hacked. In particular, malicious software infected systems and so ...
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IPhone X Makes Slower Downloading by Samsung and Google Devices

downloadingApple and the devices Android is in war for more than a decade. And it seems that competition will not end soon. However, we often see one dominating the other and vice versa. But this week, winning Android devices can make you reconsider your decision to buy a iPhone.

According to the data collected by Ookla, Android devices, including those of Samsung, outperformed Apple's devices such as the iPhone X at downloading speeds, and with great difference.

Ookla or perhaps you know it with the name of on its popular website, compared Intel XMM 7480 with Qualcomm X20. The first is on some Apple iOS devices and the latter is part of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip that is on the latest flagship Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6.

According to his review Bloomberg for the speed test data, the Samsung Galaxy S9 had a download speed of 38,9 Mb / s, while the iPhone X showed a speed of 29,7 Mb / s. Also, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus gathered 29,4 Mbps and 28,6 Mbps, respectively.

IPhone download speeds also saw fluctuations in different carriers. While Verizon iPhone networks showed average speed of 31,5Mbps, the Sprint iPhones showed an average speed of 25,1 Mbps.

On the other hand, Samsung and Pixel devices showed average download speeds of 38,2 Mbps and 34,4 Mbps, respectively.

This difference in speeds can act as an important factor since all of these smartphones are at a similar price.

For people who already have iPhones, there's no reason to worry, as the difference in downloading speeds will only be remarkable when downloading huge files or streaming high quality video. And it may not even affect their daily tour.

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