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You may need to pay for the use of Facebook Groups

GroupsYesterday, the Facebook has announced that it is starting one trial subscription version of Facebook Groups to help its managers earn money for their efforts by charging from 4,99 to 29,99 dollars a month for exclusive content. The groups selected in this initial phase to be available for payment are parenting, home cleaning and cooking.

This is a pilot project with which Facebook tries to test the field of paid services. However, there is no payment option, so group administrators create an additional subscriber-only group, where payments are managed by third-party developer tools.

In an official blog post, Facebook Group Product Manager Alex Dave said: “Subscription teams were created to make it easier for administrators to provide users with built-in tools and save time so they can focus on content delivery. only for their members. ”

This shift to services Paid it is not Facebook's first move in this direction. Previously, Facebook attempted to support video creators by testing a subscription-based model where users would pay an amount to access premium content.

How users will respond to this pilot project is definitely something worth watching. But the important question is whether this is the beginning of the end to free content on Facebook?

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