Car Hacking: More likely to be done by a mechanic than by a hacker

Car Hacking: More likely to be done by a mechanic than by a hacker

When we talk about car hacking, it comes to mind a hacker who gets remote access to the car system ...
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Sri Lanka: Blocks access to social media

The government of Sri Lanka has temporarily blocked access to various social media services following deadly explosions that erupted ...
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How to hack networks with Wi-Fi passwords

Probably you have a Wi-Fi network in your home or stay close to one (or more) that appears in ...
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What is Social Engineering, what are its techniques and how to protect yourself?

Social Engineering is the term used for a wide range of malicious activities that are accomplished through human interactions. Uses the ...
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Cryptocurrency: Ways to Enhance Your Privacy

Privacy and privacy on the internet are of great importance. It is not enough to take one or two measures to protect ...
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How do I turn off targeted ads?

advertisementsThis year, it has been stigmatized by events concerning the security of our data, from its scandal Cambridge Analytica up to the new GDPR rules set up to protect them. And all this happened because of companies trying to gather data for us so they can make more targeted ads for their products and services.

So now, many technology companies have changed their privacy policy and the Google, which claims to be its priority, has revealed new settings for ads through its blog. Users will be able to add more control over their valuable data, while there will be more transparency between advertisers and users.

If you have not yet received Google pop-ups to access your ad settings, click here.

Disable Ad personalization

The first thing you will encounter is an option to completely disable it
Ad personalization. As a result, you will no longer receive ads based on your activity on Google Search, Youtube, but also on other sites, such as e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Just under Ad personalization, click More Options and clear the option by unchecking it if you are looking for complete secrecy of your activity.

However, you may lose some features if you disable Ad personalization. Therefore, you can be more specific with another option:

Disable specific ads

A more complicated addition to Google's new advertising settings is that you can erase ads from specific advertisers.

  1. Choose from the list of advertisers you find most annoying.
  2. Continue and click "Deactivation"That appears in the new window.

In addition to focusing on specific advertisers, the Google ad page gives you the option to remove ad categories altogether, such as movies, TV shows,

Google Why this ad, released by 2012, has also received some new improvements. Previously, it was only available on Youtube, but has now been expanded to other Google platforms like Search and Gmail

An advantage for Google users is that the Google Ads page is now easily accessible and they can determine which advertisers can access their data.

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