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Project Sunroof: Solar energy service from Google

Η Google launches Project Sunroof a new service that says it could help Britons save money by burning less electricity in their homes by switching to solar power.

Project Sunroof uk googleThe tech giant has launched in the UK a tool called Project Sunroof, in collaboration with energy provider Eon, which calculates the energy savings a home could make using data from Google Earth and Google Maps.

A similar service has existed in the US since 2015, where reviews have shown that it was generally accurate, but in some cases gave inaccurate results.

Project Sunroof uses machine learning technology to assess how much solar potential has a home by looking at the characteristics of the property, such as the extent of the roof and its corner, as well as weather data such as the location of the sun relative to the building. Google claims that its models are so detailed that they can estimate the impact of even a single tree on the solar potential of the house.

However, it is not the first tool of its kind. Ikea offers a similar service in cooperation with Solarcentury, and Tesla has launched its own solar ceiling measurement program last summer.

Nicole Lombardo, head of Google Partnerships, said: "We are very excited about helping people in the UK make the right choices about installing solar panels on their roofs and switching to renewable energy."

The project is another example of Google's public commitment to green energy. 2017 has announced that its global activities only use renewable energy sources.

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