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The Fappening (2018): Shona McGarty's naked shots spilled

Are you ready for another story from The Fappening? This time the hacker was killed by renowned British actor Shona McGarty, who starred in the popular EastEnders soap opera.

The iCloud account owned by the 26 old actress is allegedly infringed, so at least two photos have been stolen at personal moments.

Both photos were published on websites known for the leakage of such personal photos as part of The Fappening. According to information, one of the two pictures shows Shona McGarty naked in bed.

In the case of the young British, no details have been given as to how the hack was made, but if they were stolen from her iCloud account, they would have been automatically downloaded from her iPhone for backing up.


Informative, the iPhone are configured to back up some cloud data such as photos taken from the mobile camera. If unauthorized access to the account is obtained iCloud, the data is at stake and hackers can steal them at any time.

The Fappening, basically, is based on this methodology where hacker violating cloud accounts steal photos of personal moments of celebrities and then leak them to the internet.

Shona McGarty has made no statements on the subject so it is not yet clear whether the matter will have a legal dimension. In the past, personalities who had fallen victim to The Fappening had come into contact with the law for the best possible settlement of the issue.