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iPhone X hide the ugly frame of the camera

The iPhone X, according to Apple, is one powerful device with unique features. But many are the ones who complain about the ugly black frame left by Face ID. It is known that the bezel-free design of the device does not help to hide the front camera and speakers.

So the screens of the new iPhone X have a very bad slot on the camera and the speaker.

iPhone XBelow we will see how to hide the iPhone X notch from your screen. We will use the application Notcho for iOS purported to completely hide the ugly frame, with any wallpaper you want to use.

Yes the Notcho app will hide the iPhone X notch by modifying the wallpaper you are using. How; It cuts the wallpaper and adds a black bar at the top. The ugly frame is hidden inside this black bar.

You can add an optic photo you want and the Notcho app will add the black bar over it.

The information usually displayed on top of an iPhone X, ie signal status, battery percentage, alarms, WiFi connectivity, etc. will continue to appear where it was.

Here, however, we must mention that the change made by Notoch only applies to the lock screen and your home screen. When you open any application, the notch will return.

Another alternative that you do not even need to do is add a black wallpaper to your lock screen and your home screen. In addition to hiding the ugly frame of the camera, it will also add battery life, as black pixels use less power.

If you look for a black that fits in on the black box, the ugly detail in the screen design will disappear completely.

And this until the next iPhone that we hope the Apple design department will correct the ugly frame.

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