Mark Zuckerberg: It will take 3 years to fix Facebook

FacebookEarlier this year, Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, talked about his goals for the New Year. According to his words, the company focuses on addressing the problems that have arisen. Maybe it was a hint for her upheaval which was to be provoked in the coming months - soon there would be public apologies, congressional depositions, and finally major changes to regain people's trust.

But what most of us do not know is the time that Facebook will need to be fully restored. In an interview with Wired before the F8 conference on Tuesday, Zuckerberg said it would take about three years to return Facebook to its normal pace.

"There is a lot that needs to be done that" represents a significant change in the overall business and operating model of the company, "he told Wired.

One of the changes is to fight fake news, inappropriate content, etc. on the platform, something that is not as easy as it sounds and may not succeed without the help you need.

"I think it will take a three-year transition to create the right groups of people, as we can't just hire 30.000 people overnight to do something so important."

"The good news is that we started the changes quite early last year. I think by the end of this year we will have found the solution to many of the issues that have arisen. "

During F8, Facebook tried to regain user confidence by announcing how they could improve transparency in its operation. However, the company did not just count on it, but it also announced some new features. The best new one of course was that it made Messenger useful again.

In fact, Facebook managed to surprise the public by announcing a Tinder-like Dating feature. It only remains to see if it really will again gain the trust of its users.