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Home business Apple is making efforts to improve its AI capabilities

Apple is making efforts to improve its AI capabilities

AIΗ Apple just took an important step to improve the AI ​​capabilities on its devices.

The company hired Google's top AI manager, John Giannandrea, to lead the Apple Artificial Intelligence business, the New York Times reported.

It is unclear what specific projects will be assigned to the Google veteran, but it is safe to say that Siri will play a central role in the company's future AI strategy.

Critics have long argued that Apple has stayed far behind its competitors in terms of AI's device capabilities and that this is becoming more apparent due to Siri's limited capabilities: Although Apple's digital assistant has gradually improved, is still less advanced than the Google and Amazon digital assistants.

For example, while Google Assistant and Alexa have thousands of integrations in third-party developer integrations, Apple still only allows the integration of specific types of applications for Siri.

Apple's HomePod smart speaker with Siri technology has also been widely criticized for its digital assistant. (Last month's information says Apple did not originally plan to put Siri on her smart speaker until Amazon launched the first Echo.)

But with Giannandrea at the wheel, Apple could finally make a new start in AI and become competitive.

Giannandrea will report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook. In a letter to his staff, Cook said that "John embraces our commitment to privacy and our thoughtful approach to making our computers smarter and safer," the Times said.

Google Brain Co-Founder, Jeff Dean, will now take over Giannandrea's former position and lead Google's AI.


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