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[Video] HP Laptop is wrapped in flames destroying a shop desk

A laptop HP wrapped in the flames while charging overnight at a store office in Letchworth, UK. The incident was recorded by the store's security camera and the video has already become viral on the internet.

The owner of the device, Steve Paffett, said he had not encountered any problems with the computer so the cause of fire has not yet been identified.

"I suddenly saw my office burning in the camera. I did not know how to react initially, I got up, grabbed the keys and the wallet and ran to save that I could. "HP

As for the laptop, it is an HP Envy, which was found to be unsuitable for battery use last year if the company had detected a chance of overheating that would cause serious fire accidents.

The unlucky shopkeeper received a small allowance, but it is nothing to destroy his entire office.

HP has not issued a formal response to the incident, although the company has previously stated that this model is likely to be removed due to defective battery.

Moral lesson: Avoid letting a computer, and every device, charging overnight. You never know if the product is 100% safe, especially when it comes to smartphones which most of us put in close enough with us when we relax.

Below you can see the video from the security camera.


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