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Companies are processing your Facebook account data

Most Facebook user data has been processed and used by many companies.

According to Sandy Parakilas, a former platform manager and investigator of data breaches committed by software developers between 2011-2012, senior executives of the company need to change their loose approach to data protection.

Facebok has terms and service agreements that most users do not understand when signing up for the platform. In addition, the company did not use enforcement mechanisms, including checks on external developers to ensure that data is not misused.Facebook

Sandy Parakilas has been investigating data breaches by research scientists. The company has accumulated userdata of millions of profiles on Facebook and handed them over to Cambridge Analytica to promote the Donald Trump election campaign for 2016.

She also mentioned that one of her executives platform warned him that he was not going to find anything searching and that Facebook was in a strong enough position to know about the abuse that was going on.

The former employee reported his media worries about Facebok's privacy four months ago and certainly his direct involvement in facebook's privacy policy sheds light on the scandal between Cambridge Analytics and Facebook.