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How To: Customize Windows 10 Settings Quickly and Easily!

Microsoft has simplified the configuration process on computers running Windows 10 by shifting key functions from the Control Panel to the Settings App in an effort to upgrade the overall user experience. And while the company is still in the process of removing the old configuration menu, most users are already getting used to the new interface.

Windows 10 Settings Shortcuts - How To

Windows Settings is getting better and better through its step-by-step updates, providing users with a single point of management for all of their settings Window 10. In addition, the added search box allows users to easily search for specific settings without having to navigate through each category.

MS-settings & Create shortcuts

Let's assume now that you want to quickly go to a specific set of settings to make a change, such as changing network settings, or checking the connectivity settings of a device. In this case, you can create a desktop shortcut with specific parameters that will take you directly to where you need it.

This is especially useful if you are looking for a way to easily and quickly access your computer's configuration, especially if you make frequent changes to specific categories of Settings.

For example, if you want to make some changes to Network Settings, and you are not covered by the quick action options provided by Action Center, you can create a shortcut on your desktop to gain instant access to this section of the settings. when needed.


So let's see how we can do that. The basic command that we will use is the following:

explorer ms-settings: [parameter]

and by using appropriate parameters we will create shortcuts for the desired sections respectively.

But to better understand how the whole thing works, let's create a simple shortcut.

After going to the desktop, right-click and select New> Shortcut. In the window that appears, we need to enter the special parameter that will create our shortcut.

In our example, we will create a shortcut that leads to the screen settings. To do this we type the following command:

explorer ms-settings: display

We press next and type a name for our shortcut. By checking our desktop, we'll see the new shortcut that has been created, and by double-clicking, we immediately go to the Display Settings section.

The same applies to any other Section of Settings. For example, if you want to create a quick shortcut to configure network configurations, the parameter should be as follows:

explorer ms-settings: network settings

Here are some other basic commands:


Display ms-settings: display
Night light
ms-settings: nightlight
Notifications & actions ms-settings: notifications
Power & sleep ms-settings: powersleep
Battery ms-settings: batterysaver
Battery usage by app
ms-settings: batterysaver-usagedetails
Battery Saver settings
ms-settings: batterysaver-settings
storage ms-settings: storagesense
Save locations
ms-settings: savelocations
Change how we free up space
ms-settings: storagepolicies
Tablet mode ms-settings: tabletmode
multitasking ms-settings: multitasking
Projecting to this PC ms-settings: project
Remote Desktop ms-settings: remotedesktop
Shared experiences ms-settings: crossdevice
About ms-settings: about


Bluetooth & other devices ms-settings: bluetooth
Connected devices
ms-settings: connecteddevices
Printers & scanners ms-settings: printers
Mouse ms-settings: mousetouchpad
touchpad ms-settings: devices-touchpad
Typing ms-settings: typing
Pen & Windows Ink ms-settings: pen
AutoPlay ms-settings: autoplay
USB ms-settings: usb



Status ms-settings: network-status
Cellular & SIM ms-settings: network-cellular
Wi-Fi ms-settings: network-wifi
Wi-Fi Calling ms-settings: network-wificalling
Manage known networks
ms-settings: network-wifisettings
Ethernet ms-settings: network-ethernet
Dial-up ms-settings: network-dial
VPN ms-settings: network-vpn
Airplane mode ms-settings: network-airplanemode
Mobile hotspot ms-settings: network-mobilehotspot
Data usage ms-settings: datausage
proxy ms-settings: network-proxy



Your info ms-settings: yourinfo
Email & app accounts ms-settings: emailandaccounts
options ms-settings: signinoptions
Access work or school ms-settings: workplace
Family & other people ms-settings: otherusers
Sync your settings ms-settings: sync
Date & time ms-settings: dateandtime
Region & language ms-settings: regionlanguage
Speech ms-settings: speech

You can see the complete list on the website



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