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Apple is struggling with new high-end headphones

Apple builds its own high-end headphones to compete with Sony and Bose, but according to a new report, the company is struggling with various design issues that strike the internal prototypes.

Bloomberg writes that the headphones are specifically targeted at the premium market, but according to people who are familiar with the subject, the company has difficulty completing the design.

No specific data was provided, but the reported source says that this is not entirely uncommon, as similar challenges have been encountered in designing HomePod, although it is unclear whether this could lead to a delay of the headphones or not.

It seems, however, that the project for this new handset is "on-off all last year", and all options are currently being considered, including even the complete extermination of the project. But there is a possibility that Apple will evaluate other plans.

As for the particulars of the handset, they are almost entirely missing, although previous reports indicate that there is a good chance Apple is about features like wireless support and noise canceling technology. This is something that is expected from high-end headphones, but Bloomberg claims that wireless matching function similar to that of AirPods is likely to be offered.

Apple is trying to compete with Bose and Sony with this new product, so pricing could be similar to flagship devices, which today are about 350 dollars. Apple obviously charges a premium for headphones, and some sources suggest that a $ 500 price is very likely.

As with everything Apple, the company has not lost any hint for a new handset high-end, but more information is expected to appear in the coming months. The goal now seems to be the 2018 festive season, so Apple could at least preview the headphones in autumn when the new generation of the iPhone will be released.


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