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Check your passwords and keep your data secure with Dashlane

codesPasswords can often make our lives difficult. It's hard to think of a good code, as there are too many of them and they have to change constantly. Sure, you could use the same passcode for all of your accounts, but that would automatically compromise the data found on them. Now, however, you can organize your passwords using a password management application such as Dashlane Password Manager.

Dashlane monitors all of your passwords from an easily accessible point so you do not have to worry about where you store them. It also produces powerful, unique passwords and keeps everything secure with military encryption. Whether you want to make digital payments or safely store personal vital data, Dashlane can make your life a lot easier.

Dashlane was named App of the Year by both Apple and the Google and has about 100K reviews of 5 stars. It works on all platforms and browsers and automatically synchronizes everything through the cloud.

An annual premium subscription to Dashlane Password Manager normally costs 39,96 dollars, but you can now get it for just $ 19,98, saving 50%.

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