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Anonymous Greece "beautifies" Erdogan!

The Anonymous Greece replay!

A few hours ago the Anonymous Greece attacked a site of a Turkish city with their main target Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The photos posted on their website at Facebook prove the success of the attack, the result of which is quite funny.

Anonymous Greece spoiled the site of the Turkish city of Kazim Karabekir and "made it through" Photoshop photos of the President of Turkey.

One of the two counterfeit photographs presents Erdogan with make-up, a colorful tie-fits the sign of freedom- and earrings. Below this image they also put the following legend: "I'm Erdogan and I'm a proud gay."

The second is not so happy but more scary, we could say.

Anonymous Greece had also left the following message to anyone on the Turkish website: "Erdogan, all members of Anonymous and all the hackers are against you! You are a liar!".

Anonymous Greece



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