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The Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra phone has two front cameras

phoneAre you addicted to selfie? And who is not in our days!

That's why you would like a phone that is versatile, like Sony's new Xperia XA 2 Ultra just announced at CES 2018. The new phone Android it has two front cameras - a regular wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle to take better photos with your company.

Sony's Android phones are usually a huge snooze-fest (they have virtually made all the wrong moves in recent years), but the XA2 Ultra really has something that few phones have.

While most phones only have one wide-angle camera at the front, the new Sony phone features a 16 80-120-wide XNUMX-megapixel camera and a XNUMX spherical shooter.

Anyone who knows from a selfie will tell you how useful a super-wide camera is. You can include more friends in group selfie (groufie?) Or pull the background when you take pictures yourself.

The XA2 Ultra also has an integrated LED flash to help you better illuminate yourself. In addition, Sony has created a flash slow sync function that will illuminate the background of your nightly selfie.

Taking selfies is one thing that will serve you, but the 120 degree camera could also be really useful for budding vloggers who do not want to carry a heavy camera and tripods.

The features of the XA2 Ultra are good enough for a "mid-range" phone.

It includes a large 1920 Full HD (1080 x 6) screen, Snapdragon 630 processor with 4 GB RAM, 32 GB or 64 GB storage, microSD card slot for extended storage and a large 3580 mAh battery.

Sony also finally enriched the phone with a fingerprint sensor (on the back this time). And additionally it has a headphone jack!

The XA2 Ultra looks like a compact phone, especially if you really like downloading selfies. The phone will be released in February. Pricing is still unknown, but we hope it will be reasonable.

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