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How the camera is going to be placed on the Folding Surface Phone

A new mobile device Microsoft products, which many call Surface Phone, has appeared in several patents over the past few months, making us believe that the software giant is still betting on smartphones.

Most patents indicate the addition of a collapsible agent based on two different screens which are connected to each other by a revolutionary joint that supplies a device. This device could be a smartphone, a laptop and a tablet, with Windows 10 as the operating system that adapts to all needs.Surface Phone

Our latest patents give us a fresh look at how Microsoft plans to apply the camera to the Surface Phone if a folding agent could create additional challenges in the design of the device.

The so-called "SPLIT-CAMERA AUTOALIGNMENT" patent describes an approach that has the camera elements separated into two different parts, one on each side of the screen. Every time the user switches to the phone's form factor, all the elements are fine-tuned to power the camera so they can take pictures naturally.

Next, we come across the patent "FLOATING CAMERA MODULE" which analyzes how the camera itself can be a floating component that can be moved according to the form factor and create a number of design advantages, such as lack of bending camera.

Finally, there is the patent "RETRACTABLE CAMERA CAP" which is based on more sophisticated technology according to Microsoft, without giving further details.


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