Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

According to an Italian security researcher named Filippo Cavallarin, macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and younger are vulnerable to a ...
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The Pentagon: Educates the cyber-squire for a world war on a deserted island!

The Pentagon: Few have access to Plum Island in which a secret branch of the US government is located and performs exercises ...
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New generation malware and ways of protection: What you need to know

Every day we hear about new attacks by hackers on companies, organizations, and even individuals. The worrying is that the scammers ...
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Google Play Protect protects your device from malware. Turn it on!

Due to the recent vulnerability of WhatsApp that enabled hackers to remotely install spyware on both ...
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Hackers stole sensitive NederWoon customer information

A home rental company, NederWoon, has been hit by hackers. Hackers managed to get into the company's systems ...
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Microsoft: "Passwords are useless. Alternatives are safer. "

Microsoft is one of the companies that are trying to replace passwords not only with the most secure authentication systems but also with solutions that are more convenient and easy to use.

A typical example is that Windows Hello which is used to protect the devices Windows 10 and Microsoft points to its efforts to increase the proportion of biometric devices.

Microsoft even mentions that Windows Hello has already proven to be a successful security system, revealing that almost 70% of Windows 10 devices with such capabilities choose Windows Hello versus traditional

Ironically, however, Windows Hello proved to be an easier hacking target in an experiment conducted by German security researchers. This makes us greatly surprised by the fact that the latest versions of Windows 10 introduced new features that prevent photo spoofing if the necessary hardware is available.

Microsoft also looks at the benefits of replacing passwords with applications such as Microsoft Authenticator available on Android and iOS to provide easy PIN or fingerprint authentication.

"We encourage users to test applications and see for themselves that they are easier to use than passwords," says a Microsoft spokesman. Continuing to stress that although users are afraid to test new technologies on the grounds that they are more sophisticated, Microsoft guarantees that they are better and simpler.

Microsoft finally underscores its commitment to helping customers migrate to what they call "a password-free world" by providing alternatives to device security.

Microsoft is not the only one seeking biometric certification, and other technology giants are investing in such systems, including Apple.

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