HomesecurityTeamViewer vulnerability allows access to your computer

TeamViewer vulnerability allows access to your computer

TeamViewer released a security update to fix a critical vulnerability that could allow attackers to take control of other machines during an active session. Vulnerability affects versions of the program for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

The vulnerability came to light earlier this week when a Reddit user warned of the existence of the vulnerability by publishing a similar PoC.
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"Gellin" proved that the vulnerability in Teamviewer could allow the client (the user who shares his desktop session) to access the viewer's computer without his permission. The researcher confirmed the existence of the critical bug using TeamViewer x86 Version 13.0.5058 and taking advantage of the "switch sides" function, which can give the user control over another system participating in a session. This should only be possible if a user expressly and manually grants this right.
The PoC code has been posted to GitHub and is available through the following link:
TeamViewer has confirmed the vulnerability immediately after its release and has released a corresponding patch for Windows. Corresponding updates for MacOS and Linux systems are also expected to be released in the coming days.
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Gellin of course pointed out that such an attack is easy to detect and stop, by ending the active session, but stressed that before the patch was developed, attackers could take advantage of this defect to disable the visual input of the host, forcing the screen of the target computer to turn black, hiding any malicious action from the target user.
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So, if you're using the popular remote access program, you'll need to update it immediately. It should be noted that even if you have been set to receive automatic updates, it may take three to seven days to apply the patch.
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