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Google forbids Android apps that have hidden ads on your mobile phone lock screen

AndroidOne of the drawbacks of Android, which is an open-end operating system, is that app developers can pretty much interfere with it in whatever way they want. Like passing ads that appear on your phone's lock screen.

Nobody really wants that, which is why Google is now banning apps that try to run ads on the Play Store lock screen. Android Police has noticed the change in the Google Developer Policy Center, which specifies what types of suitable applications can be included in Android applications and how they can be displayed.

Under a new section entitled "Monetization Lockscreen", the Google says:

"Unless the application's exclusive purpose is screen lock, apps may not import ads or features that will generate revenue from a device lock screen."

This required cleaning will force developers to stop ads in their apps.

According to Android Police, applications such as ES File Explorer and Hotspot Shield VPN - two popular utility applications - will no longer be able to run ads on the lock screen to try to get users to click on them.

This practice has been a constant issue for a growing number of Android apps, as developers are basically trying to trick users into clicking on ads that are often not related to the app itself.

Many times, these ads are easily ignored, but random clicks are not only annoying but could potentially be used to drive you to a website that could steal your personal information.

This new policy change is ideal for all Android users and will also improve security but it will not affect users with phones that have special Amazon offers. These phones will continue to show ads on the lock screen as they are considered as an application of the lock screen.


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