NAS devices: Research proves to be vulnerable to cyberattacks!

NAS devices: Research proves to be vulnerable to cyberattacks!

Obviously, not every machine or device connected to the Internet can be 100% secure. The...
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How to make a career in ethical hacking: Skills and perspectives

Information Technology (IT) is one of the largest and most popular industries of our time, with an ever-expanding ...
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iOS 13: Error allows bypass iPhone / iPad lock screen

Apple's iOS 13 has not yet been released (will be released on September 19) and the first bug has already been detected ...
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US: Accuses North Korea's 3 hacking teams of stealing cryptocurrency!

On Friday 13 September, the US Treasury issued a statement targeting three cyberattacks. These are Lazarus ...
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Ecuador: Big data leak exposes millions of files on children

A new data leak has recently taken place in Ecuador. Adult personal files ...
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The new Microsoft browser might not be what you expected

Microsoft's Edge Browser is finally ready for your phone. But how many would they really prefer?


The company announced that the Internet Explorer successor mobile version has gone through the preview stage and is now available for download on Android and iOS. The browser was released for public audits in October, giving "hundreds of thousands" users the opportunity to put the application and give information to Microsoft.

The big advantage of Edge is that the application allows users to work seamlessly between Windows 10 devices and their smartphones with Continue on PC, which interacts between mobile browsing and desktop.

Some other standout features are transferred from its desktop Edge, such as the default favorites and readers lists. However, very few people actually use Edge on their computers, so a mobile version may not be as successful. Microsoft claims that "hundreds of thousands" of people looked at Edge's preview, but only 4,5% of PC owners use Edge, according to NetMarketShare's latest statistics. Almost 60% of web browsing is through Google Chrome, which is also the most popular mobile browser.

Microsoft hopes that new features such as roaming passwords, which allow users to store connection data for access to mobile and desktops, may be more attractive to the browser market share. Success may not be possible without a significant presence on computers, but Microsoft deserves at least some congratulations for trying to create Edge.

If anything, it could be a good enough browser to choose, so a free download would not hurt. The final choice is yours.

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