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Apple's lucky customer gets the iPhone X one day earlier

IPhone X shipments are set to begin tomorrow and madness has already begun for the world, and hundreds of people are making lines in front of Apple Stores to make sure they get the device.

But while some are willing to camp out of the store to secure a device, others pray that their pre-set iPhone X will arrive on time at 3 November.

A lucky customer Apple on United Kingdom no longer has to worry about not taking the iPhone X tomorrow because it received it today.

Without doubt, most people who pre-ordered an iPhone X and are now reading the article are looking for information on how to do the same, although do not expect that this will be possible for any customer.

MacRumors says the British pre-ordered iPhone X on October 27 and was scheduled to take the device on November 3. Since he could not wait any longer, he visited the local DPD earlier today and asked if the iPhone X was there.

Not only did DPD staff confirm that the device arrived but also gave it the iPhone X, making it virtually the lucky one the first in the UK to acquire the Apple Anniversary device.

It goes without saying that Apple could be angry with the DPD's mission of an iPhone X sooner than anticipated, and at the same time DPD itself could have a problem because more customers could start getting to ask if they can get the iPhone X.

For everyone else, there are only a few hours left until the iPhone X is launched around the world, and if you pre-ordered the device on October 27, it's up to the company you ordered to be on time.


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