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Samsung's new Bixby dongle will make your home smarter

Samsung wants Bixby to power your smart home and has a Chromecast dongle to do it.


The company presented an experimental dongle prototype called Ambience Project that turns devices and gadgets into smart home accessories.

During a demonstration at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, Injon Rhee, Samsung's senior executive, presented how the Project Ambience dongle could connect to TVs and speakers to turn them into Bixby-enabled smart devices.

The news follows a previous announcement that the Samsung will incorporate Bixby into its smart TV and the Family Hub refrigerator. But the Ambient Project promises to make the Bixby home integration process much easier, according to Samsung, as it can be connected to older technology devices.

The dongle has a built-in Wi-Fi tuner and built-in microphones so that connected devices do not need to already have these capabilities. Ambience project technology can also be integrated into a chip, says Samsung. Rhee said the dongle could be much more than just connecting a TV or a speaker to your home.

During the show, he showed that a room full of Ambience-related objects, including a plush, could actually transform entire rooms into a connected smart home. When he gave the "Bixby" command, whichever device was closest, he recognized his voice and answered.

Ambience is just an original at the time, so it's not clear when it could start, but Rhee said the technology was cheap compared to the smartest home technology.

But when it starts, however, it could go a long way towards improving the accessibility of smart home technology.

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